Future Leaders Programme

Programme Overview

The Future Leaders Programme is one of the programmes launched by the UAE Government Leaders Programme in 2008. It’s directed to department vice-managers, section heads, project managers, and teams. The programme duration is 8 months and it's designed based on the UAE Government Leadership Model that was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum– Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai to develop and prepare national youth to achieve the goals of the ambitious future vision of 2021 and UAE Centennial 2071.

Getting it done

Managing a successful team

Programme Objectives

This programme aims to:

  • Supplement the national efforts at future building through the development of a new generation of leaders, and preparing them to live up to the Government Leadership Model
  • Enabling them to assume leadership positions in federal and local government authorities in private sector organizations.
Understand the Country's Direction and Global Trends and be Opened to the World and Futurist
UAE Strategic Direction
- UAE National Happiness and positivity Program - UAE Innovation Direction - UAE Vision 2021 and 2071 - Star Rating - Service Important - Organizational Excellence - UAE Performance Management system
Developing an idea lab and Imaginations
- How to experiment with new ideas and nontraditional approaches - How to seize opportunities for the organization - How to imagination
Mastering global trends and scenarios
- Understand UAE 2021 -2071 - 4IRS AND AI Strategy - How to find solutions for complex circumstances - How to identify future competencies and expertise required by the organization and suggest learning plans
Improve People Effectiveness, Enthusiasm and Encourage Entrepreneurial Spirit
Smart, Effective and Efficient Decision Making
- How to challenge assumptions about leadership and success - How to reach decisions using values and principles
Enable people and Building effective teams
- How to help team members discover and incorporate their personal passions into work - How to motivate the team and energize them - How to discover talent and nurture it - Enable of people
Ability to Influence , Adapt to Changing Demands via Personalized Development and be Agile
Agile and Proactive Leadership
- Embodies leadership presence by cultivating focus, clarity, creativity, and compassion in the service of others. - Leadership presence is a tangible quality. - It requires full and complete nonjudgmental attention in the present moment.
Programme Alumni

Maryam Mohammed Qasem

An opportunity to explore yourself and achieve your ambitions, realizing your abilities and believing in yourself and yourself is the greatest challenge to your success in this life

Mohamed Marzouq Al Ali

The opportunity to join the program is a unique opportunity for scientific and practical enrichment and the opportunity to meet with minds that will have a great impact on completing the founding fathers' journey

Aisha Mohamed Alardhi Alnuaimi

It's a great starting point for looking ahead with the minds of emerging leaders to keep pace with the 21st Century changes with their skills gained from this unique program.

Program Opening
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